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It begins, as good things so often do, with a message in a fortune cookie. Eerily specific, I thought it best to follow the guidance. Otherwise, it could end badly – like that one time when I didn’t forward a chain email to the correct number of people within three hours, and our pet cat died seven months later. I don’t have a cat anymore, but I don’t want to take another chance on fate, so here it is: a blog called Work Tips For Humans.

fortune cookie

The plan is to share stories, suggestions and snaps from the working world. Whatever you do, and wherever you do it, there are always workplace happenings that are so ridiculous/frightening/hilarious/exciting that they need to be shared. We’re not your Grandma’s HR department (mostly because it’s unlikely that your Grandma actually had an HR department) – no buzzwords, no jargon, no one on a “journey”, and no compulsory compliance training. We’re simply trying to find the lighter side of work and share that with other humans.

The Tips on this blog will be steered by an HR insider, a bean counter (not literally, he’s an accountant), and an arm-waving marketeer. But we’re so much more than that – we’re your window into the world of work, and we’re here to help. We’ll even try to answer your queries – please note that any such guidance is not even close to legally binding and will undoubtedly have a significant chance of backfiring. Desperate enough to still be interested? You can email us via the Contact page.

Welcome to Work Tips For Humans.

[And if you want to create your own fortune cookie message to share with / freak out your colleagues, check out this Fortune Cookie Message Generator. I’ve bookmarked the site and am already plotting how best to use it… Something simple, like, You’re fired! Or something a bit more thought provoking, like, The printer doesn’t re-fill its own paper, Jason. Endless opportunities…]



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