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Keep your eyes on your fries

Today, a tip that I actually find myself using a lot at work and in life.

Keep your eyes on your fries.

It may sound a bit wacky, but it really does have a surprisingly broad application. I know you’re sceptical, but I guarantee you’ll find a context to use “keep your eyes on your fries” today.

For example, when your mind is wandering when you really need to finish something (translation: focus, you clown); when crossing a road with small humans (translation: watch where you’re going, kids); when someone at work is asking about something that’s none of their concern (translation: mind your own business, champ); when a student is trying to copy their neighbour’s work (translation: stop cheating, dumbo); when you’re dining at a seaside restaurant (translation: look out, there is a seagull trying to steal your chips).

This line has always been one of my go-to expressions, but somehow no one has ever asked me where it came from. Which is a good thing, as I didn’t know. I thought it was from an old McDonald’s ad, but I’d never bothered to look into it. Until now.

Here it is, the Australian McDonald’s ad from 1986. You’re welcome!


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