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Ideas for Bad Managers: The Sloth

It is a fact of working life that not all managers are great. In fact, in my expert opinion, I would say that the majority of managers are not great. That doesn’t mean they’re bad people, of course, but that reassurance doesn’t really help you when you are working for one – or if you are one, and you know it.

Here at Work Tips For Humans, we’re always looking for ways to help, whether you are/have a good manager or a bad manager, or no manager at all (#holygrail). So, today begins a potentially regular series of Ideas For Bad Managers. If you’re looking for a passive aggressive, conflict avoidant, sneaky way to deal with the humans in your workplace, these should provide some inspiration.

Today’s Idea For Bad Managers: this sloth (official etsy title – Sloth Felt Face).

Sloth Felt Face by Felt Beasts on etsy

This Sloth Felt Face could be the workplace equivalent of a perpetual trophy or award that no one wants. The opposite of the Player of The Week trophy that gets passed around the Under 6’s football team throughout the season. In true Bad Manager passive aggressive style, this Sloth Felt Face wouldn’t be presented in public. It would be left on the workspace of the recipient in the dead of night – a stealth Slothing, to maximise the shock and awe when it is discovered.

Because the message behind this cute Sloth Felt Face is clear – to the recipient, and everyone else who sees it. YOU ARE THE SLOWEST AND LAZIEST CREATURE HERE. Now, some would say that’s de-motivating. But I suggest that there’s nothing more motivating than a workplace warning (with a cute face), encouraging the recipient to up their game and get the sloth off their back (so to speak) by proving they can work harder and faster.

And then next week, the Sloth Felt Face might go to someone else in the team. But if the same person is getting slothed three times in a row, it’s definitely time to call in HR. Or, you know, maybe even try to have a direct, honest conversation with the person yourself, Bad Manager. That’s another idea you might want to consider…

[You can buy your very own Sloth Felt Face from the excellent Felt Beasts store on etsy. It even comes with a cool little plexiglass display stand.]


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