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Ideas For Bad Managers: An Honest Meditation

Today’s Idea For Bad Managers is a personal favourite. When I first saw this back in 2015, I knew straight away that it was an idea whose time had come. And its time is still here. In this crazy mixed-up world, I think we can all use some time out to relax, reflect, and meditate.

There are a lot of wellbeing and workplace wellness programs and practices out there. A Bad Manager can harness a lot of good information and helpful tips (a lot of it even costs nothing) to use to develop and support their team. Or, they can use this guided meditation, which is a little bit different.

Given that it contains swearing (the title is the first hint of that), it’s best to listen with headphones. But Bad Managers probably won’t take heed of that, and will launch it on their phone (without headphones) while on the bus, or on their laptop (at full volume) in the workplace. And then they will turn around and blame ME, for sharing it with them in the first place.


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