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Pimp your workspace

Not everyone loves the space in which they work. Whether it’s at a big desk, or in a small cubicle, or behind a counter, or up a tree, some workspaces are just not so great. But here at Work Tips For Humans, we’ve found a few ideas to help you pimp your workspace – you’ll soon become the envy of your colleagues, or at the very least, a solid topic of office gossip. And if it’s more that you don’t like your actual job than your workspace, these ideas might just help to distract you from that fact too.

Wheel of fortune

Ok, so this “dry-erase spin it prize wheel” has potential written all over it. (Not in this picture, obvs, but the smiling lady could totally write it on there if she liked.) You could keep it on your desk and use it to help make decisions, or set strategic directions, or determine who gets a pay-rise and who gets fired…endless possibilities! And even though it seems random to the participants, YOU get to choose what you write on each colour (just don’t use permanent marker), so it’s basically rigged. But will still seem like a fun game of chance – meanwhile, YOU CAN’T LOSE! Genius. Love your work, Office Oxygen.

prize wheel
You might want to add HIRED, FIRED, KITCHEN DUTY, and FIRE WARDEN. Roll up!

Extra brain power

Sometimes it would be handy to have extra brain power. And if you’re not going to get it from your workmates, you can buy it on etsy, of course. Your Organ Grinder sells handmade anatomy and medical art. This specimen is a brain (don’t worry, it’s made out of wool) in a jar. Whether you want to hold the brain in your hand when thinking about a complex issue, or tap it longingly while your colleague rambles on and on about nothing, or maybe even loan it to someone you think is in need, this will definitely smarten up your workspace.

NB, not an actual brain, and its impact on your ability to solve problems is unproven at this stage, sorry.

Bling it

Stationery can be boring. Stapling and sticky taping things can really get you down. Which is why I was so glad to spot these beauties in a gift shop – I think you’ll agree that this is how stationery was always meant to be. Maybe you just bring them out on Fridays, or special occasions, or maybe you use them every day to bring a little razzle dazzle back to your workspace.


Snack time

A can of Radiant Farms Unicorn Meat is sure to endear you to everyone who sees it. (Unless you work with small children, or unicorn fanatics, as they will probably presume the worst and maybe even call the authorities.) You can find out more about this miraculous snack, and purchase your very own can of magic for your workspace here at Think Geek.

unicorn meat
*Not actual unicorn meat, relax. There’s a chopped up soft toy unicorn inside. Yep.

So, there you have it. Four ideas to pimp your workspace and bring a little more joy to everyone at work. You’re welcome!


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