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Herding Cats

Today, it’s time for an oldie, but a goodie. I first heard the term, “like herding cats” when I was working at a large professional services firm. I think someone was probably talking about how difficult it was to get the partners to agree on something – anything – or to get them to follow a plan (that they’d already agreed to follow).

There were definitely some interesting conversations in that place. Like the revelation that it wasn’t a great idea to take clients and staff to a gentleman’s club. Or the guy who told me that part time work was “spreading like a virus” across the firm (I laughed, presuming he was joking with that description – it was our first meeting – but he was serious). Or the suggestion that when you’re about to terminate someone’s employment, it’s not a great idea to make lighthearted small talk or tell them stories about your weekend. Ah, memories…

Anyway, it’s a noble pursuit this herding cats, and I’ve had my fair share of scratches along the way. Hats off to these pioneers at EDS – inspiring stuff…


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