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Email in Real Life

Today, another (sort of) oldie but a goodie, in case you missed it. Or if you, like me, will laugh at the Nigerian prince interruption every time you see it. Like all of the videos these guys have made in their business “in real life” series, this one is funny, but also a little bit painful to watch due to its accurate portrayal of office life.

As an aside, my favourite email sign-offs are when people customise the standard Regards, shaking things up with Best Regards or even Warm Regards. I still hope to see Moderate Regards or Lukewarm Regards or perhaps With no regard at all. Once, we worked with a migration agent who revised her sign-off each season – as the months ticked over, we were given Sparkling summer regards and Warm winter regards. And I am sure there was a separate festive greeting too, at the appropriate time.

And then there’s the opening greeting of an email – from the standard Hi to Good Morning to Dear all. I prefer a slightly warmer greeting, rather than just using someone’s first name, but I realise not everyone can pull off Ahoy there as I sometimes do, just to mix things up a bit. My least favourite greeting is sometimes seen in emails to leadership teams: Gents. It became particularly awkward when I joined a certain leadership team and received an email addressed to Gents and lady. Yes, really. And it was in the mid-2000s (AD). #inclusion


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