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A new entrepreneur at 66

Paul Tasner is my new hero. After getting fired, he decided to build his own business, “designing and manufacturing biodegradable packaging from waste”. He was 66 at the time. It’s easy to imagine how intimidating it must have been – learning how to start a business after working for companies for over 40 years; competing for funding with tech whiz kids (Paul says he has pairs of shoes older than some of them).

Paul’s business is doing well, and he is doing the most meaningful work of his life. Paul wants to encourage more seniors to become first-time entrepreneurs. He points out that the lists of successful entrepreneurs and startups are almost always: “30 Under 30”. He’d like to see more lists for “70 over 70”. Love it.

Paul’s story really made me think: maybe we really don’t need to put so much pressure on ourselves to follow our dreams, get out of the corporate world, and start our own businesses in our 20s, 30s, or 40s “before it’s too late”. Clearly 66 isn’t too late. Like wine and cheese and Pokemon, many of us will keep getting better with age.

An inspiring TED Talk (in under seven minutes) from an amazing guy.



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