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Dream Job: Ambassador for sloths

I think Lucy Cooke has an amazing job. Or amazing jobs, plural, to be more accurate. Lucy is, “a National Geographic explorer, award-winning TV producer, presenter and best-selling author”, with a Masters in Zoology and a great love for sloths. So much love, in fact, that Lucy has filmed several successful documentaries and television series to give an insight into the wonderful world of the sloth.

Lucy has even founded the Sloth Appreciation Society and a fantastic site called SlothvilleΒ so that you can stay up to date with sloth-related activities. You can join the Society – your induction is approved with a certificate, authorised by Buttercup (apparently the Queen of Slothville). (Adding it to my CV under, “Professional Associations” as we speak.)

Buttercup, Queen of Slothville.

The site has a lot of interesting info and things you can buy, but the highlight is surely the sloth videos. People call Lucy, “the Spielberg of sloth videos”, and it’s easy to see why. So many great options for when you need a dose of cuteness, or you’re looking to procrastinate at work. You might want to start with this adorable video of squeaking baby sloths – orphans in the sloth sanctuaries of Colombia and Costa Rica.

Now I’m off to refine my pitch to keep a sloth (or a whole family of sloths) in the office…


Herding Cats

Today, it’s time for an oldie, but a goodie. I first heard the term, “like herding cats” when I was working at a large professional services firm. I think someone was probably talking about how difficult it was to get the partners to agree on something – anything – or to get them to follow a plan (that they’d already agreed to follow).

There were definitely some interesting conversations in that place. Like the revelation that it wasn’t a great idea to take clients and staff to a gentleman’s club. Or the guy who told me that part time work was “spreading like a virus” across the firm (I laughed, presuming he was joking with that description – it was our first meeting – but he was serious). Or the suggestion that when you’re about to terminate someone’s employment, it’s not a great idea to make lighthearted small talk or tell them stories about your weekend. Ah, memories…

Anyway, it’s a noble pursuit this herding cats, and I’ve had my fair share of scratches along the way. Hats off to these pioneers at EDS – inspiring stuff…