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Listen Up: Everything Is Awesome

Even if times are tough, this song can be played to convince yourself (and all others) that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. You won’t read about it in an HR text book, but I strongly suggest you consider using it as a motivational tool in your workplace.

I have been known to blast it on my laptop in an open plan office as a reminder to everyone that they should pipe down with their grievances and be grateful that they have a job. Because that’s just the kind of HR person I am. (I have tried to find a motivating song that references a global recession, but no luck so far.)

You’re welcome!

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Listen Up: Podcast Suggestion

I’m a bit late to the party with this excellent BBC podcast, which started back in November 2016. 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy is hosted by Tim Harford, an economist and journalist (the podcast proved so popular that a book followed this year).

[Some of the 50 things, from]
The episodes are short and sharp (less than 10 minutes each) and will help you to feel and sound way smarter. Even if you don’t see yourself as a fan of the economy, or modern life, or lists, I think you’ll find at least some of these episodes interesting. If nothing else, in less than 10 minutes, you’ll learn something new and have some fun facts to share with your colleagues and friends. Or with your enemies, if you prefer. No judgement here.

Not to spoil it for you, but Ikea’s Billy Bookcase made the list. So did barcodes, disposable razors, Google and antibiotics. I’ve just started a new job, so found the Management Consulting episode particularly interesting – and learned that McKinsey employees had to wear hats until the 1960s. Along with their dark suits and white shirts. #diversity

You can check out the podcast here. And you can even vote for the 51st thing via the website before 7 October. And if you need a zinger response for anyone who makes fun of you for listening to this podcast: